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Tax and Legal

Tax and Legal

Consulting in legal and taxes with foresight

Your ex­pe­ri­enced partner in tax and legal issues

Our centre of excellence for tax and legal matters offers decisive benefits for both companies and individuals. Often approaching the problem from an isolated tax view is not helpful. This is why our teams are organised in a way that allows us to offer you an integrated solutions. To do this we combine business, tax and legal aspects to provide you with interdisciplinary consulting in-house. Our main aim is always to find the best global solutions for our clients.

How this benefits you: it will take less time for you to obtain the relevant criteria for taking a decision, and you won’t need outside legal counsel.

We tackle the unique issues facing your company. Setting up a company, choosing the location, planning for taxes and many other scenarios can suddenly create a whole new series of requirements. We minimise your risks and point out new opportunities as they arise.

Swiss quali­ty is world-renowned

The quality of the services offered by our tax experts in Switzerland and abroad is recognised by the fact that we are also listed in international directories. Our subsidiary Baker Tilly OBT AG is ranked every year by ITR World Tax as one of the leading tax advisory companies in Switzerland.

OBT AG, Baker Tilly OBT AG and Baker Tilly International can provide you with reliable advisory services outside of Switzerland. Companies looking to expand in Switzerland or abroad can take advantage of our global network that spans over 130 countries.

Our tax and legal department offers an extensive array of services. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Corporate tax advisory

  • Tax and legal advisory services for Swiss and international SMEs ranging from formation to liquidation
  • Tax advisory, planning and optimisation
  • Obtaining tax rulings
  • Advice on VAT issues
  • Assistance with setting up companies and all types of restructuring, with a focus on changes in capital, demergers and mergers
  • Assistance with contract negotiations
  • Drafting of all types of contracts, including shareholders’ agreements, share purchase agreements, cooperation agreements and distribution agreements
  • Tax and legal assistance with succession planning for SMEs
  • Completing tax forms for natural persons and legal entities, including checking tax invoices and estimates as well as filing objections and legal appeals
  • Tax and legal advice for purchasing and transferring real estate, particularly regarding the drafting of contracts and property gains tax

Corporate legal consulting

  • Advising Swiss and international clients on employment law, immigration law and social insurance law, with a focus on drafting employment contracts and employee regulations
  • Securing work permits and resident permits
  • Securing permits for loaned employees and for work performed at night and on Sundays
  • Advisory covering all employment law matters, such as dismissal, references, continued payment of wages, time clocking, etc.

Tax and legal advisory for private individuals

  • Tax and legal advisory for Swiss and international private individuals and expatriates
  • Tax and legal advisory for inheritance and gift tax issues
  • Inheritance issues, particularly the drafting of prenuptial contracts, succession agreements and wills and the execution of wills
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