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System Solutions

System So­lu­tions

Safety, reliability and availability at any time

We are the ex­perts in in­fra­structure so­lu­tions

For SMEs today, the right technology can be the decisive factor that drives the company forward. By upgrading their IT, they can also set themselves apart from the competition. OBT is very familiar with the needs of SMEs, municipalities, cities and power companies and develops IT system solutions based on its proprietary, highly successful approach.

Consulting and design

From the initial meeting to the design, installation and testing through to the management of daily business, you can count on our customer-centric and unbiased advice.

Project management

We treat each installation as a project based on a clearly defined process methodology. This process ensures that you receive a functional solution which will serve you for many years to come.


The market environment changes from one day to the next. By virtualising IT applications, their complexity and thus IT costs in a modern company can be optimised as well. There are several types of virtualisation: server virtualisation, application virtualisation, client virtualisation and storage virtualisation.

IT outsourcing

For us, outsourcing IT services means transferring some or all of the responsibility for supplying services to a third-party such as OBT. The services to be outsourced will be reconciled with the size of the customer and the requirements and complexity of the environment.


Cutting-edge IT and network solutions integrate an ever growing number of tasks and applications in a company. Via the latest technologies and innovative solutions, company networks achieve a whole new level of flexibility. We design and install customised IT infrastructures that optimally support your business requirements and market orientation.

OBT Swiss Cloud

Regular program updates, stricter security requirements, location-independent mobile working and the desired degree of automation are demands that are constantly being placed on IT infrastructure nowadays. The OBT Swiss Cloud is the leading data centre solution for companies, municipalities, cities and power companies. By outsourcing to the Cloud, your data will always be readily available, stable and secure. The OBT Swiss Cloud fits whatever needs you have as a client.

IT procurement

We are the right partner for procuring hardware and software. Based on your needs, we create the best value for money proposition. We are also happy to help you with financing matters and can offer you a selection of attractive financing and leasing options.
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