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OBT – a partner you can rely on for IT ser­vices

OBT covers the whole spectrum of holistic IT solutions from a single source – making it possible to avoid friction loss at the interface. When planning, developing, setting up and implementing IT infrastructures we take account of the fact that hardware and software are inextricably linked when it comes to IT technology.

We supply you with bespoke industry-leading software solutions that are developed in Switzerland – ranging from analysis and advisory through to development and installation and including support.

OBT operates its own data centre: our clients’ IT infrastructures and data files are stored in the «OBT Swiss Cloud».
Overview software solutions
Overview system solutions

What do you need to know when searching for the right in­dustry so­lution?

Software goes out of date very quickly. So in light of this, how can you avoid the high costs and outdated systems? The answer is to choose a leading industry-specific software solution. Industry solutions guarantee that there will continually be upgrades available. For this reason and because they are so widely used, they offer optimum value for money.
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