Our audits naturally include consulting as well

Quality that has been federally-recognised combined with first-rate advice makes us the right partner for auditing SMEs and larger companies, public companies and occupational pension schemes.

Our audit experts understand your needs and provide you with personalised advice that is both independent and objective. Our years of experience, vast specialist knowledge and high degree of continuity in the audit team enable us to guarantee you top-notch services that are consistently geared to your needs. Our recommendations are borne out by experience and will help you move ahead.

With our numerous locations throughout the German-speaking part of Switzerland, we are firmly rooted in the region. As an independent member of the Baker Tilly International global network, we can ensure that your international mandates are handled professionally.

Our services

Through their wide range of audit and consulting services, our auditors create added value for you on everything from audits to financial statements. We will answer your questions about accounting, conduct special audits to give you peace of mind and place our entire expertise at your disposal.

Here’s an overview of the services we offer:

  • Statutory audits
  • Accounting
  • Appraisals, valuations and expert opinions
  • Special audits for formations, capital increases, capital reductions, mergers, demergers and conversions
  • Special audits pursuant to Swiss corporation law (art. 697 of the Swiss Code of Obligations)
  • Consulting on, designing and setting up an Internal Control System (ICS)
  • Feasibility and sustainability studies
  • Regular audits
  • Audit reporting
  • Audits for occupational pension schemes