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Com­pre­hensive ad­vi­sory ser­vices for public and private com­panies


We want to achieve our business goals together – only a joint effort can move OBT and our customers forward. We are committed to advising our clients in a trustworthy, holistic, and comprehensive manner. Our focus is always on exceeding the needs of our customers.


With approximately 500 employees at eleven locations in German-speaking Switzerland, we make our contribution by working responsibly and with passion, and by supporting each other – because as a team, we are strong! We proactively drive digital transformation, both internally and with our customers.


Our positive spirit helps us find solutions for the future. As an attractive employer, we involve, promote, and challenge our employees. We use our common successes as a source of energy, both for our customers and ourselves, and are passionate about it.
OBT AG | Rorschacher Strasse 63 | 9004 St.Gallen | T +41 71 243 34 34 |