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In­ter­na­tional Con­sulting

Act internationally with Swiss values

Think global, act local.


OBT AG and Baker Tilly OBT Ltd, its flagship subsidiary for international business, are independent members of Baker Tilly International. We serve clients from all over the world.

Baker Tilly International is a network of high quality, independent accountancy and business services firms, all of whom are committed to providing the best possible service to their clients, in their own marketplaces, and across the world, wherever the client needs help.

Website of Baker Tilly Switzerland

Website of Baker Tilly International

BakerTilly Switzerland


OBT AG and Baker Tilly OBT AG are able to call upon member firms in Switzerland and around the world to provide our clients with local expertise in any overseas marketplace. Assignments are led by the client’s lead partner, who co-ordinates all work being carried out on the client’s behalf overseas and ensures that it is carried out to the highest standard, within budget and deadline.
BakerTilly Global


OBT AG is your right partner for business in Switzerland. OBT AG serves clients of all sizes: multinational corporations, mid market companies and small family-owned businesses. Our services include the following: Audit & Assurance, Accounting & Consulting, Tax Advice, VAT Advice and Expat Services.

Your contact in Switzerland

Your contact in Switzerland

OBT AG | Rorschacher Strasse 63 | 9004 St.Gallen | T +41 71 243 34 34 |